Everybody has a story to tell. Each one has their unique way of telling that makes our life special. Ciocco was born to help the lead roles in those stories tell them and make them eternal through jewelry.

Much like a manuscript, each piece is handcrafted, calmly developing the individuality of the roles; it is crafted respecting the exclusiveness of the plot; and it is composed of noble metals and natural gemstones, thus representing the originality of each moment.

Luciana Solino

Luciana is Ciocco’s cuore and soul. Due to her personal history—the fact she can only wear accessories made with noble metals—, she started crafting her own jewelry and trailed her path for good.

The inspiration for her creations comes from Italy and its origins, and the technique she needed to embed excellence to her brand comes from renowned masters in the art of jewelry making. Luciana is a jewel author who throws herself in all the production processes: project idealization, alloying of metals, and crafting of pieces.


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